Change Consulting

With significant international experience in organisational change and renewal, our team is proud to have contributed to organisations delivering more than A$1Bill in sustained top line growth over the past 20 years. These financial results have been achieved alongside a significant step change in employee engagement and satisfaction.

Our clients are leaders who want to leave a legacy of positive change.

We listen carefully, draw on our experience and imaginatively create bespoke solutions to ensure their vision becomes a reality.

Our model empowers leaders and their teams. We help them communicate the organisational story in a way that captures the imagination of people, design the structures and processes to align effort, and engage people in new ways of thinking and acting that unlock value and create personal satisfaction.

Success is people, with absolute clarity of purpose and belief in the organisation’s direction, making every day decisions that make a difference.

Merger and Acquisition

Element partners with organisations to unlock value through M&A.   With a structured approach and deep experience in M&A processes from due diligence right through to full integration over the past 20 years, we help clients to deliver the intended results of M&A and build the culture to underpin ongoing success.

Changing Competitive Landscape

Changing market conditions are driving many businesses to rethink their operating model and resourcing strategies. Changing the operating model comes with inherent risk. Element supports leaders to work through the process in a structured and effective way, minimising risk and engaging staff.   We understand the need to move swiftly yet systematically: restoring clarity and keeping focus on the customer.

Significant Win or Loss of Business

A major business loss or win creates reason for leaders to revisit the perception stakeholders and reconsider the way work is carried out. It gives leaders a platform to share the voice of the customer and build a mandate to change the organisation. Our team is experienced in business turnaround as well as business optimisation. We work with leaders to crystallise the vision, create a renewed sense of purpose and capture the imagination of people. We support our clients make the necessary changes, but also importantly we help them enlist the talents and imagination of people to shape a brighter future.

Leadership Team with Agenda for Change

Most industries are currently experiencing profound and some say “disruptive” change, with a number of forces creating both opportunities and risks. A number of progressive boards are seeking to set an agenda of renewal before it becomes a matter of urgency. This context brings unique challenges for leadership teams, with high expectations to deliver transformational change in an environment of driving efficiency. Element works with leaders to develop a well-conceived program of renewal that people can relate to and engage in.

New CEO or HRD

The challenges for newly appointed leaders are significant. To get a firm read on what is working, what needs to change and to build and socialise a reform agenda, all while attending to urgent operational matters, is becoming increasingly challenging. Leaders who can manage these dynamics in the initial months have the greatest opportunity to succeed. We have worked at an executive level ourselves, so we know how to help our clients build the right capability in their team, plan out the program of change, engage stakeholders and build critical momentum in this early period.